mountain air productions

We ponder. We innovate. We create. We amaze. 

The award winning movie, Normandy Is My Name, is a character driven movie about 5 very different teens and what happens when their parents collectively unite together and decide to take away all internet, video games, cell phones and electronics for 30 days.  Think Juno meets The Breakfast Club.

We are an experienced group passionate about movies with a strong desire to produce memorable movies. If you are fed up with the movies that Hollywood cranks out year after year then please take a look at us.  We are building, growing and shaping a Midwest alternative to Hollywood. All of our team members have decades of experience (videography, editing, pre/post production, sound, lighting, grip, etc.) including multiple awards for short and feature movies, Telly awards, ITVA awards, and credits for numerous films, documentaries, media presentations and commercials.  Our team wants to do one thing and one thing only...make incredible movies that you love and that are so great you are compelled to tell your family and friends about them.

Our team has the desire, passion, experience and talent to give the public what they crave.  We want you to become immersed in our movies and invested in all of our characters and the outcome.   We promise to deliver to you a memorable, enjoyable movie.  We promise never to cut corners on a screenplay.  We promise you rich character development, engaging dialog and a meaningful experience. 

Directed by Jim Russell

Screenplay by Jim Russell

Award Winning Movie - Filmed in 4K - Released 2020